March 24, 2014

Is Your Deck Ready for Summer?


The deck and patio are among the most popular summer hangouts for families and friends. Not many things compare to good food, good company, and a nice cold beverage on a hot day. Is your deck ready for the rigors of summer? If you answer anything besides “Yes” to that question, keep reading. This blog post is specifically written for those of you who may need deck repair or a new deck, and are struggling with the idea of using composite materials instead of real wood.

What Are Composite Deck Materials?

I’m sure you’ve heard the brand names Fiberon, Azek, Timber Tech, Evergrain, and Endurance Railing. These are the primary brands I work with and recommend to my clients. They offer high quality composite deck materials at great prices. Sometimes I may recommend one brand over another depending on the specific needs of a client, but the decision ultimately comes down to client preference. Composite decks go together very quickly compared to wooden decks. In fact, a composite deck generally takes about half the time to build.

Low Maintenance Composite Decks

Many people ask about the maintenance requirements of composite decks, so I’ll lay that out on the table right now. Composite decks are not a no maintenance solution to all of your decking needs. They are, however, low maintenance. You don’t have to paint them each year to keep them looking like new. All you do is sweep and mop them just like you do the floors inside your home.

Deck Refacing Using Composite Deck Materials

Wooden decks need to be replaced about every 10 years depending on the maintenance rituals of the homeowner. Boards become loose, multiple coats of paint begin to peel, and the deck just starts to look horrible over time. It’s perfectly normal for homeowners to choose to simply reface their wooden deck using composite materials.

I begin each job by consulting you to get your ideas on what you expect from the finished project. Then I inspect the structure of the existing porch. As long as the basic structure of the porch is intact and strong, I feel comfortable refacing your existing deck with composite materials. I will help you choose the best materials for the job before any work begins, that way you know what to expect from the finished product.

Get the Grill Ready

This winter has been extremely cold, but summer is just around the corner. Give me a call to discuss any problems you have with your existing deck, and I’ll make sure it is grill-ready by summer.