June 22, 2016

5 Master Bath Upgrades that will Transform Your Master Suite


Upgrading your master bath is a great way to create a unique, personalized oasis in your home. In addition to creating a wonderful space for relaxing, upgrading your master bath with high-end options adds value and appeal to your home. Here are a few ideas for transforming your master suite.

  1. Side by Side Sinks: Double sinks in the bathroom are a classic setup that’s still popular after all these years because of their usefulness. Whether you place your sinks side-by-side or one on each end of a bathtub, having two sinks increases convenience. Less common setups, such as two sinks facing each other with a mirror between them can make things easier while adding a unique look and feel to your bathroom.
  2. Unique Shower Setups: For an extra luxurious feel, take pairing up beyond sinks with double showers. Double showers with multiple showerheads allow for showering together while both having access to warm water. Double steam showers and double tubs can create wonderfully relaxing areas where couples can let go of their tension together.
  3. Luxurious Lounges: When you’re creating a truly lavish space, creating room for lounging can add function and elegance. A vanity with a plush, velvet covered chair or a chaise lounge to relax on can be a wonderful addition to any upgraded bathroom.
  4. Create Warmth: Heated floors are another great way to add a bit of luxury and a lot of comfort to your master bathroom. They keep you warm while helping to heat your bathroom when it’s not quite warm enough to use your whole home heat. If heated floors are too much, why not a towel radiator to keep your towels and bathroom warm?
  5. Space for Clothes: You didn’t think we would actually remodel the master suite without adding more closet space, did you? Extra space can be a great place to add storage for clothing, shoes, or specialty clothing like evening wear that isn’t worn on a daily basis. Whether it’s a wardrobe inside the bathroom, or a walk-in closet, a place for today’s clothes, a comfy robe, or a nightgown can be incredibly convenient.

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